Materials Recovery & Recycling Facility

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Florida Wood Recycling’s commitment to adding value to recyclable reusable waste has yielded reliable customers and a sense of purpose for owner
Harvey Schneider

Located in Medley, the industrial heart of Miami Dade County, Florida Wood Recycling has become one of the area’s most successful Material Recovery & Recycling Facilities.

Providing numerous services to accomodate our customers needs (visit our services page).
Leading the industry in the collection of recyclables and the manufacturing & distribution of environmentally friendly products.

We have done so, largely by ensuring our customer base that our products are made of 100% recycled trees, stumps, and clean untreated and unpainted dimensional lumber.

Because recyclable commodities have become such a huge part of today’s waste stream, with wood representing its leading constituent material, we decided to expand the recycling & recovery efforts at our facility.

Thanks to a combination of, two consecutive grants, provided by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Innovative Recycling Grant Program, in conjuction with extensive research performed with the collaboration of The University of Miami, The University of Florida and The Town of Medley, along with the installation of an expanded recycling system, Florida Wood Recycling has dramatically increased the amount of materials that it recycles, lowered the amount of waste headed to landfill and maintained the high quality product standards to which our customers have become accustomed.

When Florida Wood Recycling made the decision to get into recycling, our goals were quite clear, according to company president Harvey Schneider,“Our primary objective, after all, is recovering wood waste to make various products. However, because there are different types of wood waste — some of which would not be acceptable to manufacture certain products — we did a
good deal of research in terms of how to effectively sort wood waste.”

We installed a sophisticated, efficient line that could effectively capture better quality wood, metal and aggregate.

Our research, in the use of, XRF Technology, was instrumental in the creation of an industry standard for quality control.

Our facility serves as a model for “Best Management Practices”.
On average, we recycle 75 to 80% of all incoming material.